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Our Top Salesforce Certifications, including our AI Certificaion.

Next Generation Salesforce:

Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence

21 Years Experience

Empowering Organizations with Salesforce

The power of Salesforce & ChatGPT
FOCUSED on your data

Image showing we've integrated ChatGPT with Salesforce and added Automation.
AI Chat Services

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Let Your Salesforce CRM Take Your Business to New Heights

We understand the critical role a CRM plays in the success of your business.


Today's CRM must be fully integrated with YOUR business processes, third-party platforms, intelligent automation, analytics, predictions, and emerging artificial intelligence.


This might sound like some marketing catchphrase; however, this is the secret to our success.  If your organization is missing just ONE of the above items, your CRM may not be elevating your organization as effectively as it could.

Business Process Integration

With the Salesforce CRM technology available today, your CRM should be seamless with your custom business processes - Driving headache-free efficiency, profits, and scalability.

Data Science
in Salesforce

We live in a data-driven world. A successful company leverages vast amounts of data. Go beyond analytics in Salesforce to Intelligent Automation, AI-driven predictions, better forecasting, and an Early Warning System.

Single Source of Truth
- Platform Integration

Companies depend on a wide variety of platforms with new leaders emerging every year.  A successful Salesforce CRM platform must integrate with other company platforms and technologies to provide a single source of truth & end-to-end automation.  

Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships are the core of every great business.  We take the "M"anagement out of CRM so you can focus on your customers' needs, not your CRM's needs.

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Expensive Address Book
Powerful CRM?

Over the past 20 years, we have helped companies doing business in over 20 countries.  We jokingly say, we now have 20/20 vision.  On a more serious note, we can classify every CRM we have worked on, into one of two classifications. 

  1. A CRM that's used for part of the business with some automation and some reports,  etc.

  2. A CRM with end-to-end process and automation integration, proactively architected to drive efficiency, revenue,  profitability, and scalability.

Companies often tell us they have  "an expensive address book".  This is where we come in. We offer a free evaluation to help you determine where your CRM needs improvements and identify what the most critical and impactful improvements will be.


Take the test.  Do you have an "EXPENSIVE Address Book", or a POWERFUL CRM

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We can't wait to help you accelerate your business!  We will share our 20/20 vision with you.  Our experts are ready to focus on your CRM so you can focus on your business! 

Tell us about your project.

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