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AI Chatbot
Features & Capabilities

We provide AI Chatbot Agents (AI Agents) that  integrate with your tech stack.

Both public facing and internal chatbots, trained to be experts in your organization. 

AI Agents assist those you do business with.

  • Prospects - Lead Funnel

  • Customers Support

  • Partners

  • Employees

  • Special Assignments

Image showing we've integrated ChatGPT with Salesforce and added Automation.

#1 Customer Experience

Integrated with your Tech Stack
Provide a True AI Experience

Discover Omni Consultants’ AI Chatbot products, designed to seamlessly integrate with your tech stack and platforms like Salesforce, MS Office, Google Suites, Intercom, Zoom, Slack, Calendly, and over 2,000 more.


Provide your customers with a personalized, cutting-edge experience through the power of true AI.

Connecting Dots

SaaS Company
PSA Software

Trained on Your Software

AI Chatbot for SaaS company with SaaS Software
Trained on Your Software - User Guidance

AI Chatbots Agents can have a special assignment like providing end users guidance using software.


  • Trained on your software:
    Trained on ALL PSA software platform materials to provide expert step-by-step guidance, onboarding, support and more.


  • Integrated with your tech stack:
    Integrated with Salesforce PSA software to provide real-time in-chat information like project status, customer deliverables due, billing information, testing and go-live dates, meeting agenda, project manager contact information, on-demand reports, and much more. 

Attorney Client Docs

Special Agent Assignment
Evidence Index and Search

Attorney Client Docs - Evidence Index & Search 

AI Chatbots Agents can have a special assignment like; Organize evidence, facts, and other documentation on AI optimized Facts Index Cards for instant retrieval with with extra security and a layer of anonymized data.


  • Enhanced Data Security:
    Our chatbot ensures anonymized data, no personal information exposed or accessible without legal firm credentials.

  • Client Facts Index Card:
    Clients can create a Facts Index Card to add basic information and upload documents. After approval, Staff can enhance these cards with relevant data such as ‘evidence classification’ and links to the law firm’s cloud storage. The special Agent Chatbot uses anonymized information from the Facts Index Card to quickly locate source documentation, evidence, and answer questions about case evidence.

  • Instant Data Retrieval:
    Attorneys and their staff can chat with the chatbot to instantly retrieve valuable data such as case numbers, document pleadings, parties, and their counsel, etc.

  • Comprehensive Queries:
    Chat and ask questions about your source data or specific items, such as “give me a timeline of all Physical Evidence.

    ...and MUCH More.


About AI Chatbots are Classified as 
Public or Internal

Classification Groups

All Chatbots can be classified into two groups; Public or Internal.

Public Facing Chatbots

Public facing chatbots, sometimes referred to as Customer facing chatbots have access to items like the following.


 Marketing Materials like; white papers, blogs, podcasts, etc.


Product Information like; Product features, specification sheets,  videos, demo and more.

Company and Process information like; quote information required, purchasing steps, payment and billing information, onboarding process, etc.

Public facing chatbots also have access to different source data, chatbot permissions, automated actions, limited tech stack access, and are given different instructions than an internal Chatbot.

Internal Facing Chatbots

Internal facing chatbots are usually native to your internal platform(s).


For example, if your organization uses the Salesforce CRM, then your internal AI Chatbot would be the Salesforce AI Einstein Copilot.

You could connect your Internal and Public facing chatbots with a connector like Omni Consultant's 'Einstein Copilot Handoff' connector, designed to pass AI automation from your public facing chatbot to Einstein Copilot.

Chatbot 'AI Agent Categories'

Agent Categories is a way to group AI chatbots into different categories for a different purpose. 


Different AI agent categories allow you to control source data access, Assigned different bot permissions, prompt engineer with different goals, use a different style communication and more.

Chatbot Agent Categories include the following.


An AI Chatbot Agent assigned to 'Prospects' will access data, materials and other information to assist Prospects with all their needs. The Chatbot will be trained on company processes, the lead funnel, what information to collect, forms, materials, software trials, demo request and more. 

Customer Support

Customers have different needs. This agent has access to additional information and materials designed to support the customer providing the best customer experience possible. The instructions automation tech stack access, bot permissions, will be very different than a Prospect Chatbot Agent.


Similarly, a Chatbot Agent for Partners will also have very different source data, permissions, instructions, processes and automation, than the customer support and prospect chatbot agents.


Employee chap bots are in a different classification than public, facing chap bots, they will have an entirely different set of AI agent responsibilities.

Special Assignment

A Special Assignment agent, sometimes called Special Agent, has a very specific and limited purpose. 

A Special Assignment Agent is triggered by a specific event or receives a handoff for another chatbot agent so it can perform a specific task, then the agent will handoff the user back to the assigning Chatbot.

For example, if you wanted to meet with a Consultant at Omni Consultants to better understand how AI chatbots that are integrated with your backend tech stack could improve the customer service experience your organization offers, you could click on a link that will open the Special Assignment Agent who has been instructed to set up a meeting. This agent accesses calendar availability and will help you schedule a time to meet by an integration with Microsoft, Google, or Calendly.

Try our Demo Scheduling Agent below.


About AI Chatbot
Agent Categories

AI Chatbot Demo

AI chatbot technology is evolving rapidly, and we are excited to help you explore its potential. Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants to ask questions and experience a live chatbot demonstration.


Our demo meetings are up to 30 minutes long. If you need more time, just let your consultant know, and we’ll arrange it. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information you need.


Click the button below, and Sparky will assist you in finding a convenient date and time for a meeting with one of our Omni Consultants.

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