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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations by harnessing Salesforce CRM technologies. We provide 20 years of experience enabling our clients to build meaningful connections with their customers in this new digital age.  We strive to be the trusted partner that transforms your Salesforce org into a strategic advantage for your organization. 

Our Story

Our founder, Scott Hankins, had a passion for integrating business processes with computer software like MS Access before Marc Benioff dreamed up Salesforce.  When Salesforce came out, it was a game changer, even in its infant stages.  In those early days, we were consulting to improve process efficiencies, data accessibility, and bottom-line profits, not to "implement software."  It was exciting to see how we could use software to improve the entire company.

At the time, our clients didn't even know what Salesforce was, however, it became our go-to tool for helping them take their business to the next level.  Fast forward 20 years, and although the software involved has grown exponentially, the core of our success has remained the same.  We remain focused on improving process efficiencies, data accessibility, and our clients' bottom-line profits.  And yes, it's still exciting to see how our work directly impacts the success of our clients' business.

From an 'industry' perspective, the meaning and expectations of a "Consultant" have changed over the years.  Today, a Salesforce Consultant is understood to mean a person or team that implements or customizes the software.  There are plenty of companies that will do this for you.

At Omni we take a different approach.  As mentioned in our story above, we focus on improving the business.  Salesforce just happens to be an incredible tool that we use to do incredible things for your company.  Every project we do centers around your company's unique business process to drive more efficiency, easier access to data, and more revenue and profitability.  

Don't settle for someone to simply wrench on your software.  Let us remind you what a Consultant should do... focus on you and your business, using software as a means to take your company to the next level.

'Business First' Approach

Connecting Dots

Our Team Commitment

Our core team has worked together for almost a decade.  When you hire us, you're getting a truly cohesive and extremely talented team.  Not a piecemeal team that met for the first time, on the job.  Everyone on the team understands our unique process of putting the business first, our quality of work expectations, our constant communication requirements, our commitment to honesty and transparency to our client's requirements, and our pledge to deliver a superior product.  

Our team takes pride in the work we do.  On every project we accept, our team commits to focusing on you, the Client, and applying our expert-level knowledge to ensure your Salesforce CRM becomes more than a database.  We want your CRM to become seamless with your company.  A CRM to help employees, not hinder employees.  A tool that drives better executive decisions through real-time automation and KPIs that provide valuable insights.  


Let us show you what a unified team of experts can do for your business.

My Personal Promise

We appreciate you entrusting us with such a critical part of your business.  We take this responsibility seriously and take pride in our ability to apply our knowledge and skills to improve your business.  We don't build CRMs, WE BUILD BUSINESSES.


We will carefully document all your business requirements, and then deliver a detailed scope of work for your approval, with all deliverables and UI mock-ups.

We will apply all of our experience with the tips and tricks we have learned with other clients and in the industry.  We will constantly communicate, ensuring your satisfaction at each stage of our project.  When our work is done, you too will be proud of the improvements we have made to your business. 

You have my personal promise.


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