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Salesforce Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Our Services

Group - Salesforce Rescue Services
Group - Salesforce Build and Customization Services
Group - Salesforce Operation Sevices
Group - Salesforce Administration Services

Salesforce Rescue Services

Salesforce Rescue Evaluation: RescueForce Evaluation Report

In moments of trouble, whether it's a faltered implementation, outdated software, or disruptive code, your Salesforce CRM and integrated applications demand swift resolution to ensure your company stays fully operational. Our RescueForce team steps in with unparalleled expertise. When others struggle, we excel in pinpointing issues and root causes. We diagnose problems, recommend cost-effective yet robust solutions, and collaborate with you to decide the optimal path forward. Our RescueForce Evaluation Report is a comprehensive summary, outlining findings, quick fixes, and lasting recommendations to restore your system's full functionality. 

Salesforce Rescue Evaluation

Salesforce Rescue Services: RescueForce Services

Upon reviewing your RescueForce Evaluation Report, you may want to opt for a third-party rescue team due to time constraints, the complexity of the problem or the required solution. But this is when our RescueForce Service steps in. We will work swiftly to restore the operation of your Salesforce CRM and integrated 3rd party applications. Utilizing the RescueForce Evaluation Report, we'll formulate a precise scope of work tailored to your rescue requirements. Rest assured, our proficient team collaborates with your Salesforce admin to restore your org's health, achieving operational excellence once more. 

Salesforce Rescue Services

Salesforce Process Restoration: Get Critical Processes Up ASAP 

In today's world of automated connectivity, end-to-end processes save time and money. When one of your processes is down, everything can come to a halt. We know how time-sensitive restoration can be.  We are here to help dive in and get your process systems back up and running, avoiding further delays and customer satisfaction issues.

Salesforce Process Restoration

Salesforce Executive Strategy: Executive Strategy Sessions

A CRM without an executive strategy eventually becomes an "expensive address book".  Revisiting, shaping, and putting an action plan in place that aligns with your OKRs, KPIs and other company initiatives will help ensure your CRM is a tool to propel your company, not weigh it down.  If your CRM is more of a burden than a helpful tool, you know it's time to revisit your executive strategy and execution plan.  Our sessions will guide you through that process to ensure your expensive address book turns into a powerful tool worth every penny, producing real and measurable ROI.

Salesforce Executive Strategy

Salesforce Build Services

Salesforce Implementation: Full | Partial | Shared  Implementation

Over the past couple of decades, we've performed many implementations and know what it takes to successfully set up Salesforce to best fit your needs.  We'll bring decades of experience to your org, making sure Salesforce is driving efficiency, automation, revenue, critical decision-making, KPIs, and more. 

Salesforce Platform Integration: 3rd-Party Platform Integration

Running a successful corporation is complex.  We understand the tech stack required to fulfill the many needs and demands.  Each company is unique.  We leverage the best technology to integrate any enterprise platform with Salesforce.  We work with 3rd-party vendors on your behalf and build a seamless integration to your Salesforce CRM org. 

Salesforce Implementation
Salesforce Platform Integration

Salesforce Customizations: Custom Builds on the Platform

Salesforce CRM must be customized to fit your specific company.  Occasionally you need a custom build from the ground up to match your company's needs.  Our team has built hundreds of custom solutions that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. 

We will work with you every step of the way:

  1. Planning business requirements and UI mock-ups

  2. Seamless process and platform integrations

  3. Building, UAT, and deployment

  4. Custom training materials

Salesforce Customizations

Salesforce Automation: End-to-End Automation of your Processes

Salesforce gives you the ability to have end-to-end automation, tailor-fitted to your company's unique business processes.  End-to-end automation is the secret sauce to save your company massive amounts of money, simplify employee processes, drive efficiency, improve employee satisfaction, and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.  Ask about our ROI Report for your process automation needs.

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce Operational Services

Salesforce Contract Negotiation: Put our experience to work for you

Our Contract Negotiation service focuses on mitigating risks while maximizing value. We tirelessly advocate for your best interests, ensuring you avoid overpayment and secure favorable terms. Whether you require assistance with contracts or 3rd-party vendor agreements, our contract negotiation services are here to guide you. 

Salesforce Contract Negotiation

Salesforce Budget Evaluation: Make sure expenses are in balance

Keeping an eye on your budget vs. expenses is more critical than ever in our new business environment.  Not sure where to spend and where to save?  We can help maximize your return on your Salesforce investment.  Gain insight with our budget evaluation services. Our experts analyze costs, pinpoint overspending, and suggest optimizations without compromising your org's performance. 

Salesfoce Budget Evaluation

Salesforce Org Clean-Up: Technical Debt  | Slow  | Near Limits 

Revitalize your Salesforce org with our invigorating clean-up service. Our process begins with a comprehensive 17-point evaluation, followed by a thorough cleaning of approved areas. This includes optimizing page layouts, refining record types, clearing unused objects and components, managing files and attachments, deduplicating data, refining user permissions, optimizing storage, and much more. We eliminate technical debt, unlocking enhanced org performance, and ensuring your system is poised for optimal efficiency. 

Salesforce Org Clean-Up

Salesforce BI Analytics: The key to success & window into your data

Unleash the power of BI analytics! Elevate your enterprise with data-driven decisions. Gain strategic insights, boost efficiency, and outshine competitors. Optimize operations, spot trends, and make informed choices for unstoppable success!

Make the switch to CRMA.  The most powerful reporting analytics tool Salesforce has ever offered. 

And don't miss out on PREDICTIVE Analytics!  Salesforce offers a couple of predictive analytics out-of-the-box.  But Omni takes it a step further by building extremely accurate predictive analytics models using your custom data.  You will be amazed at the insights you can uncover with AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics served up for serious decision-making capabilities.  Predictive analytics is here today!  Get KPIs like never before!

Salesforce BI Analytics

Salesforce Admin Services

Salesforce Remote Admin: Remote Admin Services - Shared & Full

As your business grows, keeping up with knowledgeable, certified, and dedicated resources can be a strain on your budget.  Our remote admin services program is designed to work hand-in-hand with your admin(s) or provide full service.  You get the best of both worlds; save money & get a team of seasoned experts that will not only maintain your org, but also help improve your org each month.

Salesforce Org Evaluation: End to End Evaluation Report

Salesforce is most powerful when it's customized to fit your company's specific needs.  The right mix of configuration, customization, and integration is the difference between your Salesforce CRM being an "expensive address book" vs. a Powerful CRM.

We will evaluate your org; how it lines up to your company processes, critical weaknesses, how to drive more revenue, provide efficiency, be a better tool for end users, and much more.  You'll receive our Executive Report which will help you easily understand your org, quick wins, and areas to improve.

Salesforce Remote Admin
Salesforce Org Evaluation

Salesforce Training: Standard & Custom L&D Training Materials

Regardless of how powerful your Salesforce org is, it is useless if your end users don't understand the proper way to leverage Salesforce.  We offer standard and 100% custom training materials from the ground up with; printed materials, custom videos of your customized org, end-user cheat sheets, Knowledge Base materials, Einstein case integration materials, and even chatbot AI automation materials.

Salesforce Training

Salesforce Support: Dedicated Support Programs

We understand that sometimes you need a dedicated support team that knows your org.  Sometimes you can't wait for a rookie to slowly escalate your ticket multiple times, only to receive a generic workaround that doesn’t fully match your use case.  Ask about our Dedicate Support Program.  A dedicated team will learn your org and provide the support you need when you need it.

Salesforce Support

Wall-to-Wall Solutions for ALL your Salesforce needs.

There's nothing we can't do.  We have over 20 years of experience customizing Salesforce to meet countless needs for companies just like yours.  Contact us to learn how we can help you turn Salesforce into an incredible tool to give your company a leg up on the competition.  We will share the most effective and powerful solution in the industry, that we have built for other companies.

It's time to turn your "EXPENSIVE ADDRESS BOOK" into a POWERFUL CRM, designed to propel your company to the next level using tools, automation, and artificial intelligence that has never before been available to companies, but has quickly become, REQUIRED to keep up with the competition.  Our experts are here for you.

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