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*Limited Time Program

Great news! Omni Consultants has teamed up with Salesforce Account Executives (AE) everywhere to bring Salesforce customers some VIP Services, at no cost to you!

Omni Consultants official Salesforce partner

Salesforce is dedicated to your success, a foundational element since its inception. A healthier org enhances your company's success, satisfaction, and customer longevity.

Omni Consultants has teamed up with Salesforce Account Executives to provide VIP Services designed to improve your CRM's health, effectiveness, and your ROI, at no cost to you.  

We will work with both you and your Salesforce AE to bring you the VIP services you need.

*Reach out today to ensure your spot.  This is only a 6-month program.  There are a limited number of bookings available for this program.  When all the bookings are full, we will not be able to accept new bookings.  To reserve your spot, simply schedule with us below.

How it Works

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Select a VIP service below

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Schedule our initial meeting below

Step 1. VIP Services

The following Account Executive (AE) sponsored VIP Services, are at no cost to you during this limited time 6-month program.  

Don't see the service you need most?  No problem.  Contact us below and let us know what service you need and we will contact your AE to see what we can do.

Rescue Services

We swiftly troubleshoot and identify critical issues.  Our Rescue Services are tailored for urgent scenarios when your company needs quick help.

VIP Consultation & Playbook

Get guidance from industry experts with two decades of experience.  Your CRM is the backbone of your organization, don't experiment.  This VIP consultation includes an executive summary sharing proven methods, giving you clarity into exactly how to get the most from your CRM.

Product ROI Evaluation

CRMs can be expensive.  They can also drive a ton of ROI when properly incorporated into your organization.  Make sure your CRM is the most valuable system your organization owns and not just an "EXPENSIVE address book". 

Salesforce Org Health Report

Getting visibility into all the components that impact your CRM's health is difficult to do.  Over the years we have developed a Salesforce Health Report that exposes all the areas you should monitor to avoid major issues, overspending and other surprises that lack visibility.

Platform Integration Planning

End-to-end cross-department communication and automation requires planning.  Don't let your integrated systems get duct-taped together.  Well-thought-out and planned integrations enable automation, efficiency, and scalability. 

Onboarding Evaluation

Evaluate and enhance onboarding,  training and materials to shorten the learning curve, maximize new employee productivity, foster consistent processes, improve new employee satisfaction, and ensure your CRM investment is paying off.

Failed Implementation Service

We identify the cause of implementation failure and more importantly, a strategic plan going forward with our recovery playbook.

Future Technology Planning

This is the most pivotal time with technology that the business world has ever experienced.  If you're not planning now, you're already behind the ball.  This service will make sure you are leveraging the proper technology to save money and time while increasing ROI and productivity. 

Budget Assessment Report

Our Budget Assessment report will evaluate and identify areas where you might be overspending or even missed ROI from underspending.  Often small adjustments make a big difference.  We help you get maximum value with your budget.

Implementation Strategy

The best implementations start with a comprehensive plan for resources to follow and execute.  Unfortunately, we are seeing more failed implementations than ever.  You can avoid this with a plan that includes key ingredients that only a seasoned professional would know to include.

Roadmap Planning

A great 'wall to wall' CRM doesn't happen overnight.  A good CRM roadmap will help you build out and scale at a sustainable rate. We will help plan each move with considerations like budget, user adoption, training, automation, & ROI.

Training Course L&D Guidance

Review and map out all your CRM training to ensure efficiency, productivity, and data cleanliness to ensure that you're getting the most ROI from your 'source of truth' investment.  You have invested in your CRM, now invest in how it's used.

Don't see the service you need?

No problem.  Let us know what you need and we will work with your AE to see if we can incorporate it into this program.

2. Submit Request

Let us know what service(s) you are interested in.

In step 3, you'll schedule a Zoom meeting with us to discuss your needs.  After our initial meeting, we will contact your AE.  During this program, we will be working with both you and your AE.

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